Thursday, 10 July 2014

Preparing a Textured Substrate for Mixed Media

Whether it be watercolours or mixed media when I create I love the idea of adding texture.  Of course with my watercolour paintings texture is just an illusion to fool the eye into thinking it is there.  The medium is actually flat and very matt as you all know.  This is where I am finding mixed media so interesting.  I can build a 3D substrate surface to add paint onto to give a more dimensional tactile impression. 

First I started by scrunching up some tissue paper and gluing it to watercolour paper using Mod Podge.  A medium that can be used  either as a glue, glaze or sealer that can also be watered down for a thinner consistency.      

I used the torn off tissue paper to build up the branches.  I attached these with Mod Podge matt which creates a slight shine even though it is matt.   

I then added watercolour to the background where it puddled in the creases.  Watercolour being matt also gives a contrasting surface to the shimmery paint I will add later.  I also added gesso quite thickly at this stage to build up tactile texture in the flowers. 

When everything was dry, I started adding acrylic shimmery paint, ink, white paint marker pen and ribbon to create the finished tag.  The image shows clearly the contrast between shiny and matt that I wanted.  

Even the ribbon had to have a Laura Moore 
altered arty approach with a little ink added.