Saturday, 14 February 2015

Hello Meerkat in Watercolour

Taking a trip to my local Garden Centre is always an adventure and a treat for many reasons. Plants, garden tools, coffee, lunch, gifts, christmas decorations, ice skating (though I have not attempted that since teenage years) and more.  Best of all for me and my son, especially when he was little, is visiting the animals.  I still visit them even now to say Hello.  Actually my son still comes with me every now and again despite him being twenty-one now.

Hello Meerkat
© Laura Moore


  1. It's good to go back and say hello to old friends sometimes...this one looks like he has character! Great painting Laura.

  2. Nice to hear that your son is still visiting the animals together with you Laura. Sweet. And you found a great subject to paint too! Looking forward to the next painting. :)

  3. How great that your son still enjoys going with you once in a while! Love the meercat! I like your looseness on his fur...and his eyes came out great!!

  4. Preciosa animalito y que bellos colores empleaste. Muy bonito Laura, felicitaciones. Saludos!!!

  5. I love this little guy, you have given him such character! Gorgeous combination of colors!
    Italians always say, "la mamma e sempre la mamma!"


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