Saturday, 11 April 2015

Preparing for a New Season of Outdoor Sketching

Hello Blog - Congratulations on your third birthday this week.  Our arty journey has seen lots of twists and turns over the years but ‘fun’ has been of the utmost importance at every step.    

So what have I been doing this week? Well as the sun is warming up and shining brightly my mind is turning to sketching outdoors again.  I have recently committed myself to the London Urban Sketchcrawl in April 2015 which is being hosted by Katherine Tyrell.  Author of the book Sketching 365.  A fabulous book full of useful arty tips.  It is not a book that teaches how to draw from scratch but a book that teaches how to improve observation and drawing techniques.    

In preparation for the outdoor sketching season I have bought myself a variety of sketch books.  My favourite is the Artway Enviro A5, hardboard cover, stitched, 170 gsm/80 lb recycled cartridge paper, landscape format.

The pencil I generally use for drawing is the 0.7mm Pentel P207 mechanical pencil.  I have three now and have actually had one of these since 1979 (36 years).  I used to use it every day for college and then for work for shorthand all those moons ago and it still works perfectly today.  

I sometimes use Aqua Flo Water Flow brushes when I am sketching and on the move.  It means water is always at my disposal which is an essential ingredient with watercolour pigments or pencils.    

The main idea behind the urban sketching movement is to create a finished study of what has been observed in one sitting.  At the moment I am still deciding which colours will be the most useful in my palette this season for urban sketching.  Though I know for sure they will include warms and cools of each reds, blues and yellows. 

As it is the blog’s birthday I thought I would look back at some work I painted and finished outdoors in situ over the years.     

Sky Study 2012

Garden Lantern 2012

Garden Chimenea 2012

Garden Chair 2013

Rye House Gatehouse 2013

Colour at Minch 2014



  1. Really enjoyed reading your blog Laura. You are always so enthusiastic about your art work. I always look forward to see what you are doing next and seeing your lovely paintings. I love especially your painting Garden Lantern. Really beautiful !

  2. Great looking back Laura at some beauties, good luck with the sketching, I might get enthused with it one day but there is just not enough hours to have a go at everything

  3. Congratulations on the third anniversary of your blog.
    Beautiful display of your watercolors throughout these years!
    Regards, Sonia :)

  4. I always enjoy visits to your blog Laura, congratulations on your blog's birthday! It is a beautiful mix of sketches from the past. I think you will have fun getting out to sketch, you look well prepared. Enjoy!

  5. Happy blog's birthday, Laura!!! Great to see your outdoor kit, and a lovely selection of your outdoor paintings over the years!

  6. Happy belated blog anniversary Laura! I love your collection of plein air watercolours.
    I so wish I could join you on the London sketch crawl!!


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