Saturday, 18 April 2015

Sketching at the Old Mill Area

Yesterday was a chilly, blowy day but that did not stop me going down to the river and the old mill area to do some plein air observational sketching.   

With each trip I am learning what I prefer to use with this type of sketching expedition.  I am finding I am not keen on using my Aqua Flo brushes with my watercolours.  They are great when used with my watercolour pencils but I am finding I do not have the same mark making and tonal control that I am used to with my normal watercolour brushes.  I am also finding I am getting rather addicted to my black Fineliner Staedtler pens.  They glide across the paper so easily and it is quite fun making all those fast squiggly marks.  



  1. Exquisite work Laura! I love the reflections on the water and your pen work is beautiful!

  2. I like this of the bridge and the river. I see you like using pen outdoors too. Your London sketchcrawl will be on the day of the Worldwide Sketchcrawl if it has been moved to Saturday.

  3. Hola Laura: Muy hermoso trabajo, me encanta que siempre estas buscando algo nuevo para incorporar a la pintura. Felicitaciones!!


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