Sunday, 26 July 2015

Plein Air Sketching in Little Venice, London

Church in Little Venice, London
Drawing done in situ, pigment added later.    

At the moment I am interested in exploring different papers other than the conventional ones used with watercolour.  This paper is a slightly tinted cartridge paper and quite absorbent.  J M W Turner liked using tinted paper for some of his sketches.  I am also exploring a looser, more illustrative style with my pen and wash.

Urban sketching in Little Venice was interesting with lots of canal boats, bridges, buildings, greenery and people.  For my first sketch yesterday I chose a particularly busy and difficult townscape with bridge, buildings and water in it.  As you can see I have nothing to show for it.  After lunch we found the church above which was more in my comfort zone for plein air sketching. The big lesson I learnt yesterday was to pick my plein air sketching scenes much more wisely in future and not to over stretch myself with over complicated scenes during plein air sessions.    


  1. Thx for introducing Little Venice to us. I had no idea!

  2. Wow, Laura, you are really powering along with your plein air work. It doesn't seem long ago at all that you were saying that you never did plein air (hope I remember that right!). This is such a lovely sketch. How lucky you are to have London almost on your doorstep, you could never run out of inspiring subject matter even over many lifetimes.

  3. Beautiful sketch, Laura! I love the effect of the paper and enjoy hearing about your day!

  4. Lovely job on the church. Sometimes I find in plein air I take on too much and need to focus on something smaller instead of the grand scale that is before me. I didn't realize that there was a Little Venice in London...sounds interesting.


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