Saturday, 22 August 2015

Admiralty Arch Sketch in Watercolour

Despite me being a figurative painter, the subjects I tackle must not take precedence over who I am as the impressionistic watercolourist.  What I want to show in my paintings is my love for the pigment and my feelings for the world around me using my own artistic approach.   

Admiralty Arch

Having taken part in the London Urban Sketcher’s day last week around the Admiralty Arch area where observational drawing was high on the agenda, I knew I did not want to tackle this imposing, very detailed, structured subject there and then. 

The place for me to tackle this subject in watercolour was back in my studio where I could take my time to fully understand what parts of Admiralty Arch interested me in simplistic, expressive terms with lots of artistic licence thrown in.  Working in my studio allows me to distance myself from the rigidness of urban life.   

Of course I love urban sketching group days out and the social aspect of those days but when it comes to my watercolours and my creativity with them, then like Greta Garbo “I want to be left alone”.  I am sure this will not be the last time I tackle Admiralty Arch in a loose and expressive manner. 

Monday, 17 August 2015

Urban Sketching with the USK London Group along The Mall and Trafalgar Square

Getting ready for an Urban Sketchers’ London sketchcrawl means deciding before the event which artistic approach to use.  Recently I have been concentrating on my drawing skills so pen featured heavily.  This time I decided I was going to leave my pen at home and concentrate on my loose watercolour style on Hot Press paper. 

Buildings along The Mall
Watercolour Sketch

Painted totally on location sitting on the steps near Admiralty Arch. Whilst sitting painting on my own, a group of eight interested oriental teenagers wandered over to take a closer look.  I continued to paint for a little while trying to ignore them but then I looked up and was greeted by lovely smiling faces saying hello and waving at me.  I replied and waved back.  The group then moved on without saying anything else.  I think ‘hello’ was all they could say in English. 

*     *     *     *     *

I got so engrossed in painting and chatting during the day that I forgot to take many photos.  Luckily Katherine Tyrrell, the Group Leader took loads.  Thanks to Katherine for two of the photos that I am in and for organising a lovely day for everyone.  The official account of the day can be found on the Urban Sketchers London Blog.  Link here.

Lunch time photo and art sharing time.  
Katherine's photo that is currently being used for the London Urban Sketchers Blog Banner  

The variety of work is always fabulous to see. It is also lovely to see what inspired others and how they tackled a particular subject.  It was great to see children taking part at this event too.   

Lunch time was spent picnicking and chatting on the steps near Admiralty arch.  Urban sketching days are fun and are all about connecting with the environment, the friendly company and our own individual artistic muses.   

I decided to spend the afternoon session standing against a railing in the middle of Trafalgar Square people sketching.  Not at all an easy task.  I tried to snatch quick glances and then use my memory to draw from.  Talking to other urban sketchers I have learnt to draw the part that takes my interest first and if they move off to use parts from other people to finish off.  Speed is essential so my sketches are pencil scribbles done very quickly.  Normally I would go over them in pen to tidy them up but yesterday was ‘leave my pen at home day’ as I mentioned earlier. 



Saturday, 8 August 2015

Campanula in Watercolour

Flower Meaning:  Campanula ~ Thankfulness 

© Laura Moore

A few weeks ago as I walked along pretty village lanes in Leicestershire, admiring gorgeous cottage gardens, a flash of blue lilac caught my eye.  It felt very reminiscent of something familiar.  Upon closer inspection I found it to be one of my favourite blue plants: campanula.  I used to grow it in my garden many moons ago when I was an avid gardener.  Nowadays I admire the flowers from a distance but on a deeper level with my brushes and watercolours.       

Sketchbook explorations. 

Photo taken in a cottage garden somewhere in Leicestershire. 

There is always lots to be thankful for.  
Today I am thankful for the flowers and the joy my watercolours give me when I use them.