Saturday, 8 August 2015

Campanula in Watercolour

Flower Meaning:  Campanula ~ Thankfulness 

© Laura Moore

A few weeks ago as I walked along pretty village lanes in Leicestershire, admiring gorgeous cottage gardens, a flash of blue lilac caught my eye.  It felt very reminiscent of something familiar.  Upon closer inspection I found it to be one of my favourite blue plants: campanula.  I used to grow it in my garden many moons ago when I was an avid gardener.  Nowadays I admire the flowers from a distance but on a deeper level with my brushes and watercolours.       

Sketchbook explorations. 

Photo taken in a cottage garden somewhere in Leicestershire. 

There is always lots to be thankful for.  
Today I am thankful for the flowers and the joy my watercolours give me when I use them. 


  1. I am a big campanula fan as well! Your painting is lovely!

  2. A delicate painting and so pretty. I like your initial sketches too!

  3. Pretty colour and nice composition Laura, no time to garden and paint fir me either, rather paint that's for sure. There are so many dedicated gardeners both home and parks so inspiration is easily found but great idea doing your little sketches for reference

  4. I enjoy seeing your process through your sketches and photo! I love these delicate flowers, you really captured their beauty!

  5. I love the bell shape and the blue color. Lovely job!!! I like how you study the flower and do several versions of it.

  6. Thanks for dropping by and leaving your comments everyone.


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