Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Celebration of Spring – Tulips in Mixed Media

Tulips in mixed media sprang to mind a couple of weeks ago.  It all started with a supermarket shopping trip and a bunch of tulips.  Though when I got home I plonked them in a vase and forgot to poke through the base of the heads with a needle.  This stops them from flopping.  Me forgetting to do this meant that my tulips ended up being very floppy indeed.  No matter, as sometimes I use my imagination when creating rather than painting exactly what I see in front of me.  I suppose this is me trying to inject a bit of myself into the painting and also trying to give it a more contemporary feel. 

Celebration of Spring  SOLD
Mixed Media

Saturday, 7 March 2015

A Painting’s Final Chapter – Avocet in Watercolour

Recently it occurred to me that on the blog I tell the tale of my conceptual ideas, inspiration and the painting approach of a piece but I never talk about the final stage: “the parting” and the “final chapter”.   Most of the time I do not know what the final chapter is due to the different venues that I offer my work on and the fact that a third party deals with the transactions.  Occasionally when I get contacted directly with an enquiry, I then get to hear a little bit more about that painting’s continuing story.  

Avocet - Watercolour  SOLD

The start of this painting’s tale began here LINK.  The story continued with me placing this painting on my website.  It was eventually found by a lady looking for a bird painting gift for her bird loving daughter who was moving into a new house.  Avocets are the emblem for the RSPB LINK and these graceful birds can only be seen in a few places in the UK, with Norfolk being one of them.  The special thing for me with this tale is that the daughter was moving to Norfolk and that is where the concept and inspiration for this painting originated.  So it was extra special knowing where this painting was flying off to especially as it felt as though this little bird was finally finding his way back home. 

Knowing the final chapter of my paintings makes the experience of offering my work into the wide world much sweeter.  So if anyone has bought a painting of mine in the past and has not made contact with me due to the venues I display my work in, please drop me a discrete note.  It would be interesting to know how far my work has spread. 

Thanks for taking an interest in the blog.