Saturday, 5 December 2015

The Magic of Using Greens and Neutrals in Watercolour

My little nephew came to visit the other day. So  I thought it a good opportunity for a little bit of watercolour fun with my magic paints.  Turning blue and yellow into green is a really cool magic trick in the eyes of a four year old child. 

*     *     *     *     *

Below are a selection of my studies and paintings showing my fascination with greens and neutrals.  The complexity of green makes it the colour that I find the most interesting and versatile to work with.  It can be used to produce cool freshness or contrasting warm earthiness just by altering its temperature. 

A watercolourists’ choice of colours is totally personal and is as expressively individual as the marks they make on the paper.  For me understanding how warms, cools and neutrals interact together is more important than how pretty an individual colour looks.  A colour is rarely used in isolation so it needs to interact well with its companion colours.   

Most of my greens are mixed but on some occasions I do use the few pure greens I have straight from the tube. 

Gemstone Textural Study

Mauve Flowers Sketch

Tree Study Using Neutrals

Summer Blossom

Leaves of Euonymous

A Foxy Visit