Thursday, 21 January 2016

Landscape Explorations with Watercolour

“Your mind is for having ideas, not holding them.”  
~ David Allen

Life has been a bit busy recently that I have not had much time to paint anything very seriously.  Of course during these busy times I still paint.  I snatch odd moments to develop and plan future possible ideas.    


An exercise I set myself was to explore how grass shapes behave with watercolour.  


  1. Very interesting to see the explorations you are working on at the moment; I really love that thumbnail landscape, it has a lovely freedom to it

  2. I love hearing what artist have to say. Thank you for sharing your landscape and grass studies! I particularly love the diagonal and purples in the landscape,beautiful work!

  3. Dear Laura I love the colors you chose for this thumbnail. Yellows and purples are such lovely compliments.
    I agree with you- love knowing the thoughts behind the art. Somehow it makes the work even richer. Love reading your thoughts. Grasses are something I enjoy studying too. Take care and have a super weekend.

  4. I laugh at some of the advice that people give to artists. We learn so much from each other and I love reading about an artist's successes, adventures, and sometimes their failures. I like that you do exploratory thumbnails! Yes the mixed media involves more time for setup, cleanup, etc. The good part about watercolors is they are so handy to use and cleanup is usually a snap. Enjoy your day!

  5. I agree Laura, it is great to know what is behind a painting. You are always very generous with sharing what you have learnt.
    I love both of these exploratory pieces - both very pretty and the grasses are so delicate! You are an ongoing inspiration Laura so keep your great informative posts coming!

  6. I agree with you Laura, always like to hear about fellow painters tricks/ experiments / experience ....that IS how you learn, as you pointed out. Love your grass, so alive !


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