Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Daffodils in Ink and Watercolour

“Real confidence only comes from study and practice.”   
~ Harley Brown

The beginning wash for this painting was started a couple of years ago.  It was put to one side as I was not really sure which direction I wanted to move forward with it.  It would have been perfectly adequate to have left it at the wash stage but last week I felt the urge to add some loose pen marks, stronger tones and splashes.        

Expressions of Daffodil
Ink and Watercolour
© Laura Moore



  1. I agree, sometimes it just takes courage to go on , but with watercolor it takes so little to destroy the result. Really like these daffodils with all the splashes, so pretty !

  2. Lovely! Sometimes a painting just needs to rest a bit before it comes to life.

  3. There is a lesson there. I love the addition of pen and splashes. I have daffodils in a vase now, so I may be inspired by yours!


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