Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Mark Making Using Nature and Watercolour

Having spent some of this morning working on admin relating to my art, I thought I would unwind this afternoon with a bit of mark making exploration and watercolour fun. 

Walking through my winter garden today I was looking for ‘implements’.  Anything that looked suitable to make marks on the paper with my watercolours. 

Both of these little cameos worked first time which I was surprised about as I had never done this before.  The top one is an imaginative landscape and the other an imaginative still life of foliage.  

With the landscape I created a simple base wash first, then left it to dry. I then started using the dried seed head, fresh heather flower and a dried twig to paint this natural landscape.  

In the second I printed three leaf shapes using watercolour with the fresh leaf shown.  Then I added detail using the twig and a round brush for the splashes. 

The key with this is to be quick, confident and minimalist with the strokes.  Hesitation will create wishy washy, muddy blobs which leads to over-working in the end. 

*     *     *     *     *

Despite general advice about painting large with watercolour, I have always enjoyed painting small for lots of reasons.  A cameo is just a small concentrated section of a large painting.  So to me it has always made sense to learn how to paint them.


  1. Both beautiful studies, I love the marks and textures you achieved. Very nice!!

  2. I love these! Great how you painted with the subject matter.

  3. Really nice, it's inspiring to try something new.

  4. I've shared your blog, great stuff & beautiful work :)

  5. I love the idea of using the elements from nature as painting tools. I've tried twigs but never anything else. These are really great...and I'm sure a lot of fun!

  6. Great idea to use nature in this way!

  7. Dear Laura - your implements to paint with made amazing small works. I am so glad you shared your ideas. Hope you are having a wonderful day.

  8. What lovely small paintings and a great way to include the outdoors.


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