Saturday, 28 May 2016

Out and About Sketching in May

I think sketching season has well and truly arrived judging by what I have been up to the past couple of weeks.     

I had a quick bit of watercolour fun one sunny afternoon in my garden.  A4 Loose Leaf Floral Sketchbook.  Sorry bad photo taken with my iphone which never compares well to photos taken with my camera.

Sitting waiting for hubby in a hospital waiting room.  Between us we spend lots of time waiting these days.  I took my Sketching 365 book by Katherine Tyrrell for a quick read. Every time I pick up that book I learn something new about sketching.  A6 Travel Sketchbook. 

A visit to the British Museum in London was exciting.  Sketching in amongst hoards of people on a very busy Saturday needs nerves of steel.  Luckily I am not that bothered where I sketch and who sees me do it these days.  Now I just have to convince my two sketching buddies that sketching in cafes is not that bad compared to how busy the British Museum was.  A5 Travel Sketchbook

Books always fascinate me either to draw or to paint.  These are in the British Museum Library.  I had to shorten the shelf to get it to fit on my paper. A5 Travel Sketchbook.    

Just as a reminder; my books sketched in watercolour in 2011.  None of the colours and shadows were true to life and they were all from my imagination.   


  1. Your watercolor books are amazing! I find stacked books tricky due to the lines and angels. To have done this from memory/imagination is quite an accomplishment in my mind.Beautifully loose as well. So sorry to hear your hubby is in the hospital...

  2. I love the books! A subject that I want to paint too one day.

  3. Lovely loose sketches Laura! London is a thirty minute train ride away and I love going there, I have yet to take my sketch book, you have inspired me to do that the very next time I'm there.

  4. These are great! I've been to the British Museum a few times with students. It's a great museum and very busy. What do you do if you are half way through a sketch and someone moves lol.

    1. I never pick on just one person when sketching out and about Catherine. Mine are always composites of people. So head of one, body of another, etc. We aim for an impression of a person rather than a realistic portrait. Thanks for dropping by. I am always happy to answer a question. Enjoy your sketching.

  5. Lovely sketches! Last time I visited London, I did the same - and yes, Brit Museum, nerves of steel lol. Although, I found most people oohed and aahed then moved on.

  6. Very interesting art blog and so amazing paintings !!!

  7. So fun friend to see your sketches. Flowers always inspire me. They look like they do you too. Stay well Laura. Hugs!

  8. beautiful work,, I have a passion for painting stacks of books lol,, yours are perfection,

  9. Laura, sketching while waiting at the hospital is a good distraction. I like your work, especially the centers of the beautiful flower and the wonderful painting of the books. I admire your ability to ignore the people around you so that you can do art in public.

  10. I love that you can also find something to sketch anywhere you are. It does help pass the time while waiting especially in a hospital or doctor's office. Nice that you were able to get to the British Museum...and sketch too. :)


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