Saturday, 11 June 2016

Ready for Some Summer Watercolour Sketching in Madeira

This week I have been getting my sketching gear ready to take with me to Madeira.  A Portuguese island surrounded by nothing but lots and lots of water.  That little bit of information tells me that I will need lots and lots of blue pigment.    

As I have no idea what I will encounter on my travels I have decided to take a selection of papers and my favourite mediums of watercolour, pen and graphite.  My stool is staying at home this time which will restrict where I can sketch with my watercolours. 

The last time I used my stool was for my sketch trip to the British Museum.  (A few posts down. Link here )  I remember the lady door attendant jokingly said to me: “Make sure you don’t bat anyone on the head with your stool.”  We both laughed.  It was actually quite nice to encounter someone in that job with a sense of humour.  Ironically, later I did bat someone on the head with my stool and that was ‘me’.  I did it when I swung my bag onto my shoulder.  My stool sticks out of my bag a little and it tapped my head as I swung my bag.  I had never tapped my head in that way before with my stool.  I thought of the lady attendant at that point and had a little chuckle to myself.

Landscapes and people are the subjects I want to try to concentrate on during this trip. I recently ordered Sketching People by Lynne Chapman.  It talks about a number of my favourite urban sketching artists and how they sketch people with their different styles.  I have only quickly scanned through the book as I have been saving it to read on my trip.


  1. Have a wonderful trip, Laura! Can't wait to see the beautiful sketches you'll make!

  2. Hope you have a lovely in Sicily I need lots of blue too. I fill up a water pen with the right colour blue for sketches, saves trying to make up a lot of paint in usually hot dry conditions.

  3. I wish you a very nice trip, Laura. I'm waiting to see your sketches!

  4. Have a wonderful trip! I'm sure you will have a great time sketching there.

  5. Oh Laura please have a great trip. Will be waiting to see your new sketches. Your stool story made me smile. I am so clumsy I would certainly have hit something with mine. Well take care. Hugs! P.S. love your landscape sketch too.


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